hi getting an iBook with a couple of questions

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hello all

i've been a windows user since birth but i've decided to switch over to mac for many reasons

the apple ibook is 900$ after rebate at amazon.com

but i want to expand the RAM to 768

(or is this even necessary if im just going to do word processing/chatting/maybe light games (star wars knights of the old republic))

i kno windows xp needs at least 512 RAM so i was assuming tiger needs 512 RAM or more but i just thought it'd b better if i have 256mb more

which leads me to the next question,

can i just buy any type of RAM that is

PC 2700 DDR 333 200-pin SDRAM? or is there specific RAM's for apples? (i plan on buying 512 and just take out a 256 )

and are they user upgradable?

also is a case necessary for iBook? or like keyboard covers? and another question is

what kind of mouse do u recommend for my new iBook?

i kind of want the apple mighty mouse or the bluetooth apple mouse but im scared that i wont b able to adjust to the one button mouse but then again i dont want to use an ordinary mouse because it probably won't match with my iBook

thanks for in advance

oh and for the word processor program

is iWorks any similar to microsoft office? i dont want to spend extra $$$ buying macoffice over iWorks if its the same


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    At least 512MB RAM is best.

    Standard PC2700 DDR333 SDRAM So-Dimms can be used.

    Keyboard covers not really needed. And a case is best if you're going to carry it, but don't get the case from Apple.

    Any USB mouse can be used.

    iWorks is better than Microsoft Office, or you can download OpenOffice.org
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