javascript popup option form

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
heres the code

i want the windows to open with no toolbars, etc.

were looking at the onClick="" under the lense comment






<!-- lense -->

<form name='lense'>

\t<select name='jump'>

\t\t<option value='lense/boys.htm'>people</option>

\t\t<option value='lense/tree.htm'>places</option>

\t\t<option value='lense/blocparty.htm'>music</option>


\t<input onClick="[lense.jump.options.selectedIndex].value)" type='button' value='!'>


<!-- apparel -->

<form name='apparel'>

\t<select name=''>

\t\t<option value=''>cyprus</option>

\t\t<option value=''>blindmirror clothing</option>

\t\t<option value=''>requiem</option>


\t<input type='button' value='!'>





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