Can I use Xserve as a normal computer?

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Sorry if this is a stupid question.

I was just wondering if I could use an Xserve just like a normal computer, I work with pro audio and it would be nice to fit my computer into my mobile rack! Is there any disadvantage to this? Are they any slower or not optimized for this type of use? I use Protools with a Digi 002R so all I really need is a firewire port. And it's nice that you can fit so many drives in there, that would be particularly useful. Protools sessions can be huge...

Maybe someone can enlighten me as to the differences in a regular G5 and an xserve.


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    The main difference is the redundancy built into the Xserve in a couple places, and the fact that it's all creammed into a single rack space. They're pretty much the same machines as the towers power-wise, except for the video card, and not as many PCI expansion slots.

    They're also supposedly plenty loud. You couldn't have one near where you were tracking or mixing. Even with my G5, I occasionally put on the headphones to listen for hiss & noise because it'll drown out subtle noises. You'd have to have your Xserve isolated in a soundproofed closet or something.
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    You'll get über Tech support with an Xserve should you ever need it for 3 years. Of course that is built into the price of the unit as well.

    BTW it's not a stupid question. I have dreams of one my self.
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    You can buy 3rd party rack solutions for your powermac, which are commonly used in Studios.

    Also: The noise of the Server would be too much in any studio or recording situation, be it at the low end or at the high end.

    Protool sessions can get massive, but no worries. You can have 2x500Gb drives internally and then get an external drive if need be. 1Tb is plenty fine, particularly with the smaller Digi001/002 systems.
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