just ordered an iBook

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hello all, im a student

and ordered an 12 inch iBook

(a christmas gift/b-day gift from parents plus some of my money)

first i dont think i'll ever regret buying over an intel mac because i think the G4 will b sufficient for me

with that said, i have a couple of questions and wud b appreciated if i find some answers

1. the tiger os x, is it sufficient with 512 mb? or would it be better to add another 512mb stick to 1 gb

- i'll be playing warcraft 3 frozen throne (an ancient game but i love it ) and some music burning, and internet, word processing, and chatting .. i usually have 5-6 windows open and i have no clue how much memory tiger requires tho it says 512 at the apple site...

2. i bought the mighty mouse, i've heard it has right click.. does it really have right click? because that'd save my life

3. can the wireless thing on iBook connect to any wireless router?

thanks in advance


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    ive a half gig of ram in my mini and can open a LOT of windows at once

    as can my friend on a 1.33 ibook also with half a gig Ram

    mighty mouse im not sure about but has 2 buttons so would assume its right clickable

    the wireless should connect to most routers no problem.. id be VERY surprised if you have issues there!

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    The Mighty Mouse has right click but not a physical right-button - it just detects when you use the right finger. I think you have to go to System Preferences and activate the right-click though.
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    I just got a new powerbook w/ 512MB RAM, and I also have a widget that shows the amount of available RAM at any time. I'm consistantly below 40-50 MB with just my average number of apps running, so just to be safe I ordered and extra 1GB :8 if you're interested newegg.com has great prices on RAM. And the Mighty mouse does have a right click feature, although doesn't physically have a right click button as stated above, which seems cool but you can't even have your finger on the left button part when you right-click or it won't detect it properly. You have to actually lift your left finger off the mouse while right-clicking to activate it (kind of a pain, but you'll probably get used to after a while). And your iBook will connect to any wireless router you come across except 802.11a which is pretty much non-existent.
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