advice for iPod 30G?

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Hi guys! I?m about to buy an iPod 30G and wondered if you had any advice for me.

What are the best accessories if I plan to hook it to stereo receiver, and to my car radio? Can I hook it to an Apple power adapter and the receiver at the same time to save power? I have no cassette deck in my car by the way.

Should I buy just Apple products, or save money and buy the stuff from griffin? Are there any well-padded cases that don?t cover up the ports, so I can hook it up easily each time?

How long will my iPod last? I killed my four-year-old 300 cd changer, and was wondering if the iPod will have a longer life span. I love my music and play about 3 hours a day.


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    ok, thank you.
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    so how long does it last? 4 or 5 years?
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    They were just released and I just got mine about a month or so ago. Check back in about four years.

    Seriously, the first iPod did not come out until 2001, so if anyone got one of the originals, they have just had it 4 years.
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    really? i did not realize that.


    I?m definitely getting the warranty plan now.
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    Although I rarely use it, I have the original iPod and it is still kickin after owning it for 4 years. The quality of iPods is great.

    Yes definitly get AppleCare

    P.S. Has anyone else done this:

    I have 2 60gig video iPods

    one has my entire DvD library on it

    the other has all my music and music videos, pictures etc.

    Its a wonderful set-up for as much as i travel!
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    your whole dvd

    four years..........excellent. thou i'm sure i'll use mine way more than you. i've heard great thing about apple's iPods which is why i'm choosing to go with apple.
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