Help me decide if I should buy this 12'' PB...

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Hello, im new.

Anyways, Im looking to buy a powerbook(actaully splitting it with my parents). My school is having a sale on the Previous Generation PBs( one right before the current ones on apples website).

Im looking at a 12" 1.5 Ghz, 80 gig, Superdrive for $1200. It is new and unopened. Is this is good deal? I will be using it for music(mostly mp3s with a bit of recording),internet,school( im a biochemistry major),and probably no gaming. This will be my first mac, i am super excited. BTW, can I hook up my 17" LCD DVI to the little guy, that would be great. ALSO, since i am a super noobie for macs, what kind software do I need to buy to get this puppy up and running. Thanks to all replies!



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    Do you have time for MP3s in between your ATPs and Krebs cycles?

    It sounds like a very good price, although correct me if I'm wrong, but it does run on Tiger OSX?
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    haha nice. After spending my own free time studying the krebs cycle, i do find the time to enjoy a good mp3.

    I havent seen the actual pb, so I dont know what os it has(yeah im a super noobie). Anyone know?
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    Yes, that's a very good deal. I'd go for it if that's what you want. Keep in mind that with the new Mactels there is supposedly a 13.3 widescreen iBook coming out, that I would guess will be right in that price range (with student discount). This might be a better overall buy for you, but you do what you'd like. As far as software, that PB does come with Tiger, so really the only software you'll really need would be MS Office. Also, you will be able to use your monitor. The 12" PB only has mini-dvi out, but comes with the mini-dvi to dvi adapter you'll need.
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    when are those 13.3 ibooks coming out? that sounds like a good size.
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    pyr3pyr3 Posts: 946member

    Originally posted by erkanasu

    when are those 13.3 ibooks coming out? that sounds like a good size.
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    you can check out the discussion here about it at
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    wow im sold
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