Small LAN external hard drive

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Hi guys,

I am working in this firm with a small LAN connected to internet and also all the computers (about 14 computers, from wich 5 are G4 powerstations about 6 are iMac's and the rest are G4 Powerbooks) are connected to a local external drive.

This drive of ours is a solution wich can be uncompatible sometimes because it is not designed for apple computers.

So, could you guys recommend me a good external drive solution, full compatible with apple computers, programable to create backup from 12 to 12 ours and things like that?

The dimensions are not so important, let's say from 200 GB to 500 GB maximum.

Thank you


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    I use a Lacie 250GB Firewire drive that works just fine. One of my friends bought a nice hard drive and an inclosure. That also works fine. As long as it is firewire/USB 2.0 compatable, it should work fine with your macs.
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