How about Linux on MacTel

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Thats right how about the other alternative OS, I'm wondering how open Apple will be about their new hardware to support Linux.

Yeah I know that Linux is rather similar to OS/X but there is much that can be done in Linux that is free. Actually what I'd really like to see is support of ZEN so that Linux and OS/X could coexists. That might be a bit dificult to implement on a 32 bit platform especially if you expect to run demanding applications.

Just a thought.



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    What's the difference? You can run Linux now, and Apple could care less. Linux aint got shit on the Mac OS, and it's fine to go ahead and do it, but why a thread about it? What's the point here?

    If your talking about offering support via apple support that won't happen for obvious reasons. Macs aren't PC's with, or without intel. Does microsoft support that XBoxMediaCenter even though it's a working OS for XBOX? (NO) Neither Apple, or Microsoft give support for Photoshop. It's adobe's job. If you want linux support you'll have to call Linus Torvalds.
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