iBook G4 12inch 1.33 upgrades

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I have been thinking about doing some major upgrades for sometime now to my 12 iBook now. I would really like the super drive and I would also love to upgrade the hard drive from the small 40 gig to maybe a respectable 100 gig or so because I am running out of space like crazy.

My main question is what is maxium size hard drive I can through in my iBook and does anyone know of a really quiet and very cool running hard drive, like in Seagate makes really quiet desktop hard drives.

Also I was wondering if anyone knows a page that talks about how to upgrade the super drive and the hard drive for a G4 iBook 12 inch.




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    igrantigrant Posts: 180member
    Ok I did find this website on how to completely upgrade you 12 G4 iBook:

    Hard Mac

    Now All I need to know is anyone could recommend to me where I can buy a super drive and a small and queit hard drive for my mac.


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