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in Mac Software edited January 2014
A few questions about .Mac.

1. Does .Mac account have everything online. For instance if I'm on a PC at work can I change something on my calendar/address book/email and it will sync with my Mac at home?

2. Does .Mac account have any functionality like Plaxo where you can send out an update to someone in your address book, they can fill out the info and it will update automatically in your address book with the info they inputed?



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    One more question:

    3. How private can you make the sharing of pictures? I'm assuming that the pages won't appear if someone Google's your name, right? Can you make the webpage password protected so only the friends you send the password too can see?
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    1. yes

    2. no

    3. the google thing COULD happen, though unlikely. a password can be required for your site as a whole, or for just portions of it.
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