G5 Quad and Open GL problem

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Hello all

I am hoping someone can duplicate this setup so I confirm if it is me or a true OS problem. I have the G5 Quad and the 7800 GT as well the 6600 LE video card. The LE is pushing my 19 " CRT and the GT is pushing a 22 " CRT. Using C4D and having the viewports on the 22" (GT) openGL shading seizes and nothing will move. Simply moving the viewports over to the 19" ( LE) and having the pallets on the 22" then OpenGL shading works again. Also if you have both monitors on the 7800GT then openGL shading works too.

so is you have 2 monitors and 2 cards(at least with C4D) openGL doesn't work at all IF..the viewports are on the 7800 GT card

Can anyone confirm or duplicate this

not sure if this should be hardware or OSX issues.


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    climberclimber Posts: 130member
    well I have figured it out..a bit grey in the hair area in doing so but..here is it

    The viewports must be under the apple toolbar! at least with C4D.. I moved the apple-tool bar over to the 7800 GT and all is ok. It does make things a bit backwards but I can get used to it

    regardless of monitor or Vcard as long as the ATB is over the viewports then it works ..

    I am not sure if it is a C4D issue or OSX..I will try again once 10.4.4 comes out to see if anything has changed!
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    keotkeot Posts: 116member
    There is a nasty OpenGL bug in the recent nVidia drivers with OS X 10.4.3.

    It's affected blender quite badly.
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