Dissappearing partition after Tiger upgrade.

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I seem to remember that its a good idea to unplug any external devices whilst updating the system software.

I forgot to do this, and I'm guessing it is still a major issue (sigh).

Well, I upgraded for 10.3.9 to 10.4.3 on Thusrday night and now one of the partitions on my Lacie d2 hard drive has dissapeared from the desk top. It happened to be the partition with all my stuff on it- by back-ups are scattered very far and wide over numerous cd's (no dvd burner).

I've tried the following:

1. Rebooting from 10.3.9- still invisible.

2. Disk Utility 'repair disk'- couldn't be performed due to "invalid node structure".

3. Disk Warrior 3.0.3- After about 5 minutes into the rebuild, the progress bar stuck. I force quitted after about 45 minutes.

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel here, or have I been severly punished for my stupidity?

Any suggestions whatsoever would be very much appreciated. Thanks, and sorry if I've been too vague on anything.


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    Is the d2 the drive you were installing Tiger on ?
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    No, it was sthe main hard drive on my ibook (12 inch, 1.2GHz).

    The D2 is what I really should have unplugged before I started installation. I going to give techtool 4 a spin, but I'm not too optimistic- I was under the impression that if Diskwarrior couldn't fix it then not much could.

    To my knowledge, there aren't any other disaster recovery apps out there apart from the above two. I've been told on numerous times not to even go within a hundred miles of Nortons.

    Seems like a bit of a brick wall, oh well, I shall soldier on (should that be 'solder iron'. Ouch.).

    Thanks very much for your response.
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    well to anyone watching, I eventually got lucky!

    Really simple- I just let Diskwarrior run for over 11 hours and it eventually saved the files.

    I lost a few things, but heeeey! lesson well learnt. I'm counting myself extremely fortunate in this case. Backing-up proper as I type.

    By the way, used Techtool 4- not that effective for disaster recovery in this case. I may have been using it wrong though.

    Thanks for the reply any KingOfSomewhereHot by the way. PHEW!
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