itunes (and mac) not reading some CDs

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I do not know if this is the best forum becuase this may be a hardware issue but i figured i would give it a shot

My computer will not see a CD of mine.

When i try to put Paul Simon's Your the one into my drive, it takes it and then spits it back out. I have tested with other CDs and i have had no problems. I thought that maybe it is a software DRM type issue but there is no mention on the case.

I have tried cleaning it but that doesn't help. I have also tried with iTunes open and closed

Like i said, this may fit in many different forums but i figured that since it was a music related CD type issue, i would try this forum. Feel free to move it if necessary

Thanks for all of the help


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    This may be a problem with the format of the disk. Some CDs have movies and extras built onto them. That may be what's causing the problem. The best way to test it is to use another computer, preferabely a Windows machine. If that doesn't work, there may be a problem with the disk.
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    i had the exact same problem with the Gorillaz self-titled album. I'd load it into out iMac and it would spit it back out after a few seconds (40- ish). In the end i was forced to download it using P2P (despite the fact that i owned a legit copy of it).

    Now i've got myself an eMac (my mum & sister share the iMac) and i've discovered that my eMac has no problem with the Gorillaz CD (or others that the iMac disliked).

    I don't know what it means though.

    PS. Once i had finally ripped my Gorillaz CD, i discovered the last two tracks were scratched anyway!
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