eMac - Manually opening the CD/DVD drive

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
The CD/DVD drive for my eMac is not working properly and has a CD stuck in it.

After loading an install disk to run Disk FirstAid (which worked properly), the CD tray will no longer open and enable me to remove the CD. It keeps showing up on my desktop, so the computer IS reading it. When I tell it to eject the CD, I hear the CD drive motor trying to eject it (I believe), and the icon disappears as though it's been ejected but the tray itself does not open. When I reboot, the CD appears on the desktop again.

My best guess is that the motor is broken. Regardless of if this IS the issue or if it's something else, I'd like to fix it or at least manually open the CD/DVD tray once more and am wondering if someone can offer some help. It might be easiest/cheapest for me to just purchase an external CD/DVD drive, however, I still want to open my CD tray one last time to remove the installation disk. Any suggestions?

Also, do you know if it is problematic to keep a CD in the CD/DVD tray for a prolonged period of time?
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