Itunes and quicktime not Responding

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
It's weird I updated My all my App's. And now itunes and quicktime don't work. I brought my G5 in to the apple store. and for some reason it responded there. So we couldn't figure out what was wrong. But when I got home it didn't respond. any idea's? oh yea you can still preview the song's and movie's in Finder.


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    What things changed when you were trying it in your home and in apple store? Computer was most likely just freshly started in apple store, does on time affect? Apple store propably had diffferent type internet or no internet at all, do they work with out internet connection? Different Screen, Keyboard or mouse? Not that I think they really could affect anyway, but tech gods work in mysterious ways.
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    Yea they used different everything besides the computer. It wierd its working off and on right now. I verfied the disc Permissions, but it doesn't let me Verfy the Disc.
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