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hey where can i learn more about this program? I want to start using it more. When you import photos and they go into your library do they stay in there permanently? I mean I can't put them in an album and remove them from the library? Also there are category buttons at the bottom that say "family", "friends", etc. how do I make a new category?


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    Like iTunes, every image you import is in the library and stays there. If you remove it from the library, you lose it in the albums too. To add or change keywords, press command (apple)-k , or go to the Edit menu. Anything else? :-)
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    If you have a broadband Internet connection, I'd suggest taking a few minutes to download the <a href=""; target="_blank">iPhoto tour</a> (you want the application, not the project). It's very basic and was really meant as just an example of code for AppleScript Studio, but it does show several of iPhoto's main features for true beginners.

    Plus, Sal is cool. :cool:
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