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I keep hearing how Front Row would be nice in a mini, and it would, but woun't it be more practicly placed in an "iHome" living room type box that is specificly for your living room. But also, why havn't people thought of the idea of Front Row in a laptop? I mean, there are two major reasons why it would be excelently placed on a laptop:

1) College students are the main consumer market of laptops; and college students would certainly use Front Row and be further convinced to buy a Mac if it came with front row.

2) Laptops have the MOST portability.

Also, I think Apple should get serious about this iHome/Front Row thing before Windows Vista. I mean, changes are microsoft with f*** it up again, but why not be the first out the doors and not even give them a chance.


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    It's likely that it will be bundled with all consumer Macs as they get redesigned. Pro Macs? Not sure. There is also a good chance that it will be a part of iLife '06 for older Macs. According to Apples job postings, Apple will continue to develop the Front Row until it turns into the killer iHome that you are waiting for.
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    IMO, the best strategy for front row would have been to integrate it with the ViP. They could have sold me a universal doc, and a remote as well as the software/firmware upgrade to make FR work with my iPod. As it stands, Apple has sold me nothing to go along with my ViP. I don't know if such an implementation is technically possible. But it would definitely have sewn up the video mp3 player market for a long time to come. While everyone is desperately trying to get FR on their computer, they are missing the boat on the true bridge machine. The Video iPod is the natural device for delivering Front Row to the TV IMO.
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