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I'm making a Christmas DVD for a client (photos with ripple transitions &

music - widescreen). I made it in iMovie & sent it over to iDVD. I burned it to

dvd & tested it out. When I hit play the first image pops up & it looks smaller

like it's fitted for a 4x3 picture & then it abruptly resizes the picture to the

size & format that it's supposed to be & then everything is fine after that.

I went back to iMovie to check if it does it there as well but it doesn't. I decide

to start over & send it to iDVD again. This time when I preview it, the audio is

gone & replaced with a low crackling/static sound. When I burn another DVD

the audio is fine but I still have the same problem with the first photo in the


Any ideas? I did a wedding dvd prior to this that was almost exactly the same

(made in iMovie with photos, ripple transition, music, widescreeen format,

sent to iDVD with no problems.)


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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    Try re-encoding the DVD. I'm betting that your iDVD is set to encode in the background. I had that setting once, too, and I ended up making DVDs with audio but a grey screen instead of video. Setting it to encode the DVD right before burning (and then leaving the computer alone while it had time to itself) fixed the problem.
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    Also, at least for iDVD4, the recommendation is to not send your project from iMovie to IDVD. You are said to get better results if instead you use iDVD to import the project from iMovie.
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