Bit Map Error with Disk Utility

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
My relatively new PowerMac G5 2.7 has had several HD errors since day one. They're always "easily repaired" by Disk Utility, but they show up on the next Disk Utility check (several days/weeks later.)

Today, I had my first real meltdown with this computer:

- several keyboard keys won't work (volume up/down/mute/eject)

- couldn't restart

- couldn't shutdown

- activity monitor didn't show anything abnormal

I started off the DVD that came with the PM and repaired permissions/verified disk.

There was one permission corrected (sec/log something.)

With verify disk, I got:


The underlying task reported failure on exit.

and the errors:


Volume Bit Map needs minor repair.


Invalid volume free block count. It should be 32095993 instead of 32093350.

Instead of verifying the disk, I next chose to repair it with Disk Utility. It was successful.

Should I be worried?
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