iSync and the Samsung a900

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I am the proud owner of a 14" iBook. After making the switch a couple of months ago, I have been raving about my Mac to anyone who asks. My family renewed its family plan with Sprint and we got the new Samsung a900 phones. It is an awesome phone so I was really excited to get it. Thinking to myself: "Apple... it just works", I paired the phone with the laptop by Bluetooth and ran iSync only to find out that iSync and the a900 seem not to be compatible with one another. I then hooked up the phone via the included USB cable. After getting it to mount as "Untitled", I was further disappointed when it still wouldn't work. Then I was shocked to find out that Tiger wouldn't even allow me to transfer files to the phone.

Am I missing something? I have come to depend on iCal and Address book in the past two months. I use MarkSpace's Missing sync to sync with my PocketPC. Is there something out there I can use to get my beautiful Samsung a900 to sync up as well?

Through an onerous search of other support forums, I was able to find a workaround to get the vCards onto the phone via bluetooth. But this was a tedious process. Any help out there?


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    I own an iMac G5 and a samsung d500. Again not suported. It sems as though apple only tend towards sony ericsson and nokia at the moment, with no signs of movement towards samsung.

    I am only posting because it is a problem that I have been looking for a solution to for a while now (with no success I'm afraid) and thought I would share your pain!
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