9 year anniversary

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Apple bought NeXT nine years ago, today. Seems like it was yeasterday. We've come a long way since then. Or have we? I really thought we would have come farther.


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    I think that Apple has come a very long way since then. Think back to the days at a 7100 running OS 7 and crashing all the time. Copeland being cancelled. Bad press in the paper every day. Apple and the Mac were viewed as outdated things people remembered from elementary school. Then OSX, the iMac, the blue G3s the iPod and on and on. 10 years ago I could imagine walking into an Apple Store full of people looking at and buying Apple products. The excitement of the old days is back, but it is even better.

    If you judge success by market share, then Apple has not come far. I gave up on that battle years. I think that Apple can be a vibrant, exciting and profitable company doing the things it does. Of course, who knows where the Intel switch might lead. Great things are coming.
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