OS9 Volume no longer bootable: backing up to other OS9 volume

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733 g4 tower

60gb drive 1 OS9 partition

75gb drive mulitple partitions OS9 & OSX

i have a 60gb drive on my 733 g4 tower that used to be my main boot drive for OS9.

the other 75gb drive in the tower has an OS9 partition

and my current OSX partition.

i'm about to wipe the 60gb drive & do a clean 10.4 installation.

i was going to boot into it to clean & backup but

the 60gb drive can be seen but no longer booted into.

i want to backup my Outlook Express email databases

so i can open and save important emails on the other 75gb drive's OS9 partition.

i was trying to remember where all the database folders etc. are

maybe backup the system folder and think of any other strategy

that might help with this process.



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    dobbydobby Posts: 796member
    You could try booting from an os x disk and selecting the os 9 system as a boot volume. Have you tried re-blessing the system folder. (sorry not sure how I never used OS 9, came from an OpenStep background to mac again).

    Edit. Probably the same if you boot from an OS 9 cd and select the os 9 volume as the boot disk.

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    i'm kind of over the idea of booting into it.

    i just want to Back Up what is smart and move on.

    i just found some old Final Cut documents i had no idea were in there.

    i'm just trying to make sure i dont forget something.
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    i guess my question is now:

    what can i prune out of the system folder?
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