THE killer application

in Mac Software edited January 2014
A drag´n´drop spam mail identifier. You just drag your spam mail from into the window of the program and it:

1: Tells you who sent it if possible or the abuse address of the mail server provider. Or if he runs his own mail server: the ISP of the idiot.

2: Have a "do something" button. When you click it and you have the right address of the scumbag it let him subscribe to between one and two thousand "useful" daily newsletters (this is more or less a joke off course). Or pool complaints about him from several users together over a week so the mail server provider know that he sent not one but hundreds of spam mails. Or the same to his ISP.

I don´t know how much of this that is possible but if anyone wrote such an app he would surely get my $30.


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    peggespegges Posts: 56member
    Not a bad idea. Maybe the app could order 2,000 hub caps in the spammer's name and have them FedExed to his former girlfriend's address?
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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    How about just buying whatever the spammer is selling in large quantities but with a mafia don's credit card. Let him deal with the spammer scum.
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