...or did I just blow your mind?

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Holy crap.

I have an iBook that is dying on me. Among a lot of other things "Time Bandits" is stuck in its optical drive.

I used to watch movies in bed with it but now it was getting a bit repetitive. So I ripped another DVD and encoded it h.264 (700 mb for two hours in excellent quality. Amazing codex), transferred it to my iPod and tried to watch it from the iPod. Ooops. Can´t use it since the iBook is stuck in 10.3.x.

Hmm what to do? I could transfer the video_ts map to the iPod. But before doing that I try to mount the HD of my Mac Mini on my iBook and transfer it that way, over the shared Airport Express connection. I then see that it also give me the choice to mount the DVD that currently sits in my Mini. I mount it AND IT LET ME PLAY IT WITHOUT ANY HICK UPS. Pretty impressive.

Then I get another idea. In my area we got together and installed a huge 100 mbit network (5000 users) a couple of year ago that we own jointly. So its worth a try. I call a friend who happens to also happens to have a mini on an Airport Express, connected to the network and who lives a mile away. He pops in a DVD, gives me the IP. I mount it and it plays flawlessly. mini->airport express->local network->airport express->iBook!

I just did the math and it all within the bandwidth. But still. For me playing an DVD is a lot of information in short time and I never expected that to work over air, especially not over two WiFi connection and the internet.
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