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I'm certainly not breaking this news myself, and those of you that visit the "other site" probably have seen this, but I must link to this app here.

This is quite possibly the coolest freeware app ever. If you like drawing, painting, coloring, anything, you have to give this a try. If you have a wacom, you are going to be in love.


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    ybotybot Posts: 329member
    Wow! What a fun fun program! I don't own a tablet but just using my mouse I had a ton of fun with that program. I've got Photoshop but this is much more simplified and art-centric. Very good for zoning out and de-stressing through art creating!
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    I love the program but the custom menu it uses gets on my nerves really fast.

    The fact it's surprisingly usable sans tablet is a bonus too. Not so precise of course but still...
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