iDVD burn problems?

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So I finally used iDVD for the first time and I was thrilled as to how easy it was to use. Anyways, I tested out the burned movie on my DVD player and everything worked just fine, except 3 clips were missing. My video project consisted of about 60 clips of lengths varying from 4 to 90 or so seconds. However, when playing the DVD I just burned, 3 clips were missing, right out of the blue. When I opened the iDVD project back up, those 3 clips were there in the main movie, as they should be.

Any reason for this? Maybe some encoding or burning problem? Also, the movie studdered once or twice during the 20 minute movie.

I would like to think these are just fluke errors (maybe it was the Memorex DVD-R media I used) Of if this is a common problem, I'd like to know.


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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    It sounds like an encoding problem. I've found that when iDVD is set to encode in the background it often flubs up on some tracks. I'd suggest turning off encoding in the background and have it re-encode everything during the burning process. Start the burn and leave you computer alone until it's done. Maybe overnight or something.
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