Keynote Chart Questions

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Does anyone know how to get the numeric values to display as currency?

Is there any way to change the colours used in the legend/chart?


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    Click once on the chart to activate it. Then click once on the y-axis to select it. Then use the Inspector and choose Chart (at the top of the window it is 3rd from right). At the bottom of that is a dropdown that says "Number Format". Click on it and there will be US and European currency listed.
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    To display values as currency go to the inspector charts tab. At the bottom is a number formatter.

    If you select bars in the chart, and go to the graphics inspector tab you can choose the color, gradient, image etc. for the selected bar.
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    hujibhujib Posts: 117member
    wow... how blind am I!

    Thanks for that.
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