Entourage "Notes" converted to Apple Mail-Address_Book-iCal

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I'm a long-time user of Entourage, increasingly interested in converting over to Apple's Mail-Address_Book-iCal. One of my frustrations with Mail-Address_Book-iCal is that they're not bundled together like Entourage, under a single unifying application. For example, when I say "Entourage", everybody knows that I mean a single application wich consists of the following features:

1. Email

2. Contacts.

3. Calender events.

4. Tasks.

5. Notes.

So for years I've been building my Entourage database. I want to convert to Apple's corresponding packages, but whereas:

1. Entourage Email = Apple Mail

2. Entourage Contacts = Apple Address book.

3. Entourage Calender events = Apple iCal events.

4. Entourage Tasks = Apple iCal Tasks...

5. Entourage Notes = Apple nothing.

What do you users of the Apple tools do for the "notes" that you want to make about a topic, but for which you do not want to assign a date/time, nor a "completed" checkbox?
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