time and date problems

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Hello all. First post here. i've just bought a 15' g4 powerbook. i'm having an odd problem:

every so often, the date resets itself to march 1970.

Is this a sign of any serious fault or is it a minor thing that shouldn't adversely effect anything else on the machine.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Jeff


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    That's definitely not a feature, and normally shouldn't be happening. Though it's annoying it shouldn't have any really critical effects to your system, But it can ruin cronical order of things, also your calendar becomes guite annoyance to use. Also some webpages that are never ment to cached can get cached if your clock is'n set with proper date. Are you using updating time from web? Maybe it for some reason gives you wrong date?
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    i just found the 'update time and date from the web' feature and it seems to have sorted it out. Thanks for the help8)

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