Bluetooth Mouse Problem

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As I mentioned in my other thread, i have just bought a 15' g4 powerbook. Running OSX tiger.

Every so often the apple bluetooth mouse that i'm using just goes dead and won't work.

I have to set it up again in the system preferences in order to get it working.

Is there any way of finding out if the problem is with the actual mouse hardware or if it's a bluetooth related problem?

Thanking y'all in advance.\


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    swingswing Posts: 52member
    Maybe I am late and, in any case, not on point since you mention that a change in Preferences settings helps resolve your problem. In any case, here goes:

    I have three apple wireless mice and each one is finicky with the batteries I use. Alternatively, I suppose it may not be the apple mice but the sets of rechargeable batteries I have.

    Specifically, the length of the anode at the end of some of my batteries is not sufficient to close the electrical circuit by making good contact inside the mice. That drove me batty for a few days as my first apple wireless mouse worked intermittently. After I realized what was happening I resolved the issue by using batteries which make better contact inside the mouse. And I experienced the same issue with my following two mice and my stockpile of batteries.
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