XP: Dialing a remote connection

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A Windows question:

I have dial up, but still want to be able to roam the house with the Windows laptop. I installed a proxy server on another Windows desktop which is connected to the phone line, so I can access the net from my laptop using the proxy on the other computer.


Problem is, every time I want to connect or disconnect the computer that's connected to the modem, I need to physically walk to it (or vnc) to connect/disconnect. Is there an easier way to do this (some small program or a windows command)?


Edit: Add to this question: Is there a way to just share that dial-up connection to all the computers on the network (ie: Can I access the internet without the proxy server?)

Edit 2: Both computers are running XP Pro...I'd assume that matters.


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    I haven't used dial-up in 6 years, but I think there was idle-time disconnect in windows modem properties, can't you use that? Some routers like Airport Extreme have modems in them, that way your other computer doesn't have to be on, if you want to surf net.
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