Firefox and Mail: "Send Link..." function results in broken URLs

in Mac Software edited January 2014
(I've searched for other reports of this, but didn't come up with anything...)

I am running Fx v1.5 on a Mac with OSX 14.3.

When I want to email the URL of a webpage from Firefox, I click on File=>Send Link... which opens up Mail and pastes the entire URL into the body of the email. Everything looks okay on my end.

However, when the recipient receives the email, invariably the URL they receive is "broken" (with a seemingly randomly-inserted space) and does not function. This seems to not happen with short URLs (such as

Here's the troubleshooting I've done:

[1] If I send the link to myself it works fine when I open it (with Mail).

[2] If I manually copy the link (from the Address Bar) and paste it into a email message, it still ends up being broken.

[3] If I use Safari's "send URL" function for the same webpage, it works.

[4] If I manually copy-and-paste the URL from Safari's address bar, it ends up being broken.

[5] If I "edit link" in Mail to something like "Check this out" (and then paste the URL into the edit box), it works fine.

So, evidently, this is some sort of bug in the way Mail handles long URLs. Is this a known issue?

I realize I could just use Safari, but I like Firefox and all its extensions better....
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