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Vongo is a web service that gives you access to 1000+ movies (and growing) available for download to your computer. You can have as many as you want on up to 3 different computers. I don't know about back-up, but I sincerely doubt it.

As far as quality, I don't know about that, either. Their preview was 512 x 384, so I'm assuming that's what the movies will be as well. Not good news for those of us with high-resolution televisions.

Is that the same quality iTunes uses for its TV downloads?


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    frank777frank777 Posts: 5,796member
    "on Windows-based PCs"

    The smiley is used because they've left Jobs with a whole week to respond.

    That would be their first mistake.
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    pbg4 dudepbg4 dude Posts: 1,611member
    "Our system check has detected that you do not meet platform requirements. Vongo is currently PC based, but will soon be Mac compatible (really!)." \

    That new gametap.com site is the same way as well.
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