Big System Morsels?

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I've been trying to download and install OS 9.1 for some time now, but always get an error toward the end of installation that reads, "Problems encountered reading Big System Morsels. Installation cannot continue."

I've gone to the trouble of downloading the software twice and get the same error whenever I try to install it. I'm upgrading from 9.0.4. Does this sound familiar to anyone?



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    From Apple Knowledge Base:



    Mac OS 9: 'Big System Morsels' Error During Installation

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    Modified: 25222





    When performing an installation of Mac OS 9, this error message may appear:

    'Problems were encountered reading the source file 'Big System Morsels'. Installation cannot continue.'

    This article describes the options available for resolving the issue.




    When performing an installation of Mac OS 9, this error message appears:

    'Problems were encountered reading the source file 'Big System Morsels'. Installation cannot continue.'

    Products affected


    Mac OS 9.0 through 9.0.4


    This error is usually related to difficulties reading the CD-ROM disc.

    First, make sure the disc is clean. Clean the data side of the disc by using a dry, lint-free cloth to gently wipe the CD from the spindle hole to the outer edge. Do not wipe in a circular fashion. If you have a CD-ROM lens cleaner disc, use that to clean the drive.

    If the issue persists, it may be due to incompatible hardware. Try one or more of the following:


    Disconnect all external devices from the computer other than the display, the Apple mouse, and the Apple keyboard.


    Make sure that the proper RAM has been installed in the computer. Some computers require certain RAM speeds, or that RAM be installed in matching pairs. For more information, see article 20025: ' Apple Memory Guide .'


    Check the internal cabling connecting SCSI or ATA devices to see if the cable has become crimped or wadded causing internal damage, or physically pierced by an internal protrusion.


    Remove any internal hardware added post-factory, such as hard drives or CPU accelerators.

    Often the suspect software components can be bypassed and alternative methods used to install the software. Two alternative methods of installing the software that usually work are:


    Connect an external CD-ROM drive to the computer and use it to install the software.


    Put the disc into the CD-ROM drive of another computer that can be accessed over a network. Share the disc using File Sharing, and install the software over the network.

    If difficulties persist, and you suspect the cache DIMM as a possible cause, see article 22186: ' 5500/6500 L2 Cache Disable Extension: What is it? ' Then contact your local Apple Authorized Service Provider for further troubleshooting.

    Note: If you are attempting to install Mac OS 9 on a computer with a PowerPC upgrade card installed, you may also get this error. Mac OS 9 does not work with PowerPC upgrade cards.


    Document Information

    Product Area: Mac OS System Software

    Category: Mac OS 9.0

    Sub Category: Troubleshooting

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