iPhoto Export problem

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I set up a slide show and then try to export it as a file in the Movies Folder or directly to iDVD but keep getting an error message that the file cannot be saved. I went to Console Log and it says 'iPhoto slide show error code -2048'. Error code -2048 says 'No Movie Found'.

Anyone know how to fix this? So far I've deleted the iPhoto plist file, repaired permissions and run TTP. Have also tried various photos but still won't save the file.

I can export individual photos with no problem, just can't export a slide show.

I'm using iPhoto 5.0.4 and OS 10.4.3.




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    shouldnt you export the slideshow/or album/ or selected photos as a QT movie?

    I guess after opening iPhoto and checking, if you want to make a slideshow with transitions you should do it in iMovie. all your pix are available in iMovie and you can customize the presentation there.
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    Well if you look at iPhoto it seems that you are supposed to export the slide show to iDVD, at least according to the iPhoto directions and that's the problem. I get the error message when I try to send iDVD under the 'Share' menu.

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