iPod Settlement Finalized!!

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Update December 22, 2005

On December 20, 2005, the appeal filed by individual objectors to the Settlement was dismissed and the Settlement is now Final. This means Apple and the Settlement Administrator can move forward with claims administration and claims fulfillment.

Deadlines relating to claim submissions have not changed. Class members should comply with the claim filing deadlines identified by the Settlement. For Generation 3 iPods, the claim form submission must be postmarked within two years of the original product purchase date. The deadline for submitting Generation 1 and Generation 2 iPod claims expired on 9/30/05.

I was wondering if anyone had recieved anything from Apple or knows when this is going to start taking effect.




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    Thanks for posting this. Judging from how long this has dragged on I guess the best advice would be to not hold your breath waiting for a credit/new battery. Given Apple's previous stonewalling, I imagine what happens next is "I'm sorry, we have no record of your claim form submission."
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