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You know why do they post that info on the G5. In my opinion if they move to the g5 wouldn't they put the g4 in consumer machines. Yet they say that is 6 months off. i don't know why they even post. I do think it is a pretty fun read though. Also, wouldn't this mean g4s will be in consumer machines SF because MOSR is rarely right. Which would mean g5 would be out. I know I am self delusional but i would really like the g5 to whoop butt and that way i could rub it into my PC friends face. Thanx.


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    Let's try to maybe make some coherence out of this...

    Are you asking a question, or just wanting to discuss Meader's crack-headedness?
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    sorry. I just want to know whats coming out before it comes out which is impossible I was just kinda blowing of steam. Sorry
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    [quote]Originally posted by Rmh1572:

    <strong>sorry. I just want to know whats coming out before it comes out which is impossible I was just kinda blowing of steam. Sorry</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Actually, this is not a bad question. What strategy do you use to manage your purchases in light of Apple not giving us a road map for future products?

    My take is that you buy when you need to and try to forget about future products with the exception of not buying in the weeks leading up to MWSF or MWNY.

    I suppose another strategy, for the budget minded, would be to wait for the price cuts and rebates that usually preceed a major show.
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    applenutapplenut Posts: 5,768member
    16 inch powerbook screen :eek:
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    For some reason, the 16" screen is not very likely, unless it's just an increase in width- for true 16x9...

    But that'd make the damn thing too big! <img src="graemlins/bugeye.gif" border="0" alt="[Skeptical]" />
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    Well, being that the 12.1" iBook screen is the ONLY (and I mean only!) thing about the iBook that doesn't float my boat 100%, I'd certainly love to see a bit more screen, if only for a slight size increase/easier reading (if the resolution is going to stay put at 1024x768).

    That would be VERY nice and pretty much put the iBook on a pedestal of complete computing perfection.

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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    Or they could go to a 13.3 @ 1280*1024. (it'd be possible: there are 1400x1050 14.1" panels, so cutting that panel just a touch smaller would put it in the ball park.

    Of course this could only happen if the TiBook went to about the 1440x960 to 1620x1080 range of resolution. Assuming the fab technologies are generally standard and the glass is prepped to be cut at different sizes, I think that a TiBook would have to get a resolution of 1575x1050, if they take a 14" panel (which is the same height as Ti's 15.2) and cut it a little wider.

    I don't think anybody out there makes glass that would yield 1440x960 in Ti's exact dimensions. Which leads me to another, not so optimistic, thought. Ti's resolution may stay exactly as it is for quite awhile. The non standard aspect ratio makes it hard to source acceptable glass. A really high resolution probably wouldn't run that well on a mere 16MB of VRAM. Ti would need at least 32. Apple tends to stick with a video chipset for a long time, so don't expect a change. And, ultimately, a more manageable res where the dots are not too small, and the Vid system overhead isn't too great, may not be available. Pessimist Matsu sits down.

    What would we get if Apple cut the iBook glass in TiBook dimensions??? I sure hope they do it.
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