Imac G5 Fan Noise cured in 3 Seconds

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Hi everyone

Just sat at my desk surfing on the imac and suddenly realising that the fans are running loud. In fact when I think about it they have been getting louder over the last 8 weeks or so!

Checked the cpu temp and it was 58 degrees C, not really that high. Then I started to panic thinking I may have faulty fans.

Checked the top vent at the back and there was some airflow especially on the right hand side. Then checked the bottom vent for airflow there was some but not a lot.

Then for some reason I decided to run my fingers along the face of the lower vent.

UUURGGHH!! I can't believe how much dust and crap fell on to my hand. I quickly wiped round the whole surface. Almost immediatley the fans started to slow down. Fans took about 2 minutes to settle down. WOW I'd forgotten how quiet these machines can be.

Only thing now is, I can faintly hear the hum of the power supply!!

So if anyone gets loud fan noise on their Imac G5, just give the lower air grill a wipe and see if that cures it.


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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    Hehe. I have a dual G5 on the floor and 3 cats in the house. Maybe now you can imagine how much cat I pull out of the grill.
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    ooooooh, yuck!
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    I always advice all my friends to get the compressed air out and give their machines a good spray once a year, especially when summer (down under) has just started...
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