Powerbook has lost/eaten my stuff! Slightly long, but I am panicked.

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Okay, trying not to panic here. I have 1.3 powerbook. Latest version of panther software. I have iPod, latest 60 gig. I plug in iPod, try to download some photos manually through iPod options via iTunes. I eject iPod to view photos. Of the 15, I can see two, the rest look like snow on a TV, in color. I plug iPod back in, iTunes prompts me with a damaged file message for iTunes library and then prompts a error code -58 for the iPod and tells me it can't be updated. Duh, if iPod doesn't see any music, there isn't anything to update. iTunes tells me a new library has been created and a damaged one saved. Okay. So restart computer. I skip the file vault compression option. Computer comes back on, my dock is now on the bottom (was on the right)and configured like I just bought the computer. iTunes and iPhoto want to load and register like new. I can't find my sticky notes, when I open it comes up with new note and is blank. What the heck? Also, I had several icons on desktop that were pictures, the icon is now generic jpeg, not the actual picture. I am copying my important work to my iPod as backup now, and tyring to figure out what happened and how to get back what I lost? I see my iTunes and iPhoto list, and am copying them. Something is corrupted maybe? Can I hopefully throw out a few preference panes? I have little application called You Control iTunes, it's back in my top menu but back to its origianl configuration as well. Konfabulator is back, but has no recent memory of recently used widgets. It's like a new computer, but with the software that I've added in like new condition. How could/would iTunes accomplish all that? I don't want to go poking around the computer more until I can figure out what happened. Thanks much for any help!


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    I am also getting error -258 from iPod trying to update, if that adds/means anything. Have also attempted deleting cache and repairing permissions.
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    Okay, so more issues. Every time I restart the computer it starts over. I.E. iTunes and iPhoto want to reload and I continue to get error message about damaged iTunes list. Also, in the dock I now get question marks for safari and mail. Even if I have removed them by dragging them out already, they reappear. It's like I have my software but all my personal information and settings is gone.
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    Well, that's signs of directory corruption. You need to boot from the DVD that came with the computer and run the Disk Utility from there.

    Backing up all that you can, as you are doing, is the best first step.

    If Disk Utility bombs out, or cannot repair the disk, get DiskWarrior. After that, if files are missing, get Data Rescue and see if it finds any lost files.
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