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I posted on this a while back but didn't really get an answer on it so here it goes again...

I recored a lot of video on my PC but want to transfer it to my new iMac, the video files are in excess of 1.5GB to about 2.75GB. What file utility would let me transfer these files from my Windows 98 SE box to my new iMac so I can edit them down and encode them in QT6 Pro (when it comes out) and burn them to DVD? Both boxes are running Fast Ethernet on the network.


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    Use the built-in FTP server in OS X. Fire up an FTP client on the Windows box, login to the mac, and upload the files.
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    I assume you're using OSX.

    Share a folder on your PC and put the files you want to copy in there.

    On your Mac choose Go > Connect to Server.

    Type smb:// followed by the PC's machine name or IP address. Add a slash after that and the name of the shared folder. (example: smb://My_PC/videos)

    Click connect and if you have a Windows user account, type in your name and password.

    The shared folder should appear on your desktop with a network drive icon.

    Drag the files over to your Mac.

    Hope this helps.

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    I tried the Connect to Server deal but it won't come up, always the not found deal. Can it be a 98 SE box? I'll still keep trying...

    The address on my PC is:


    ...if that helps any...

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    Sorry bout the fuss, figured it out (something on the PC), wish I'd have known this trick weeks ago would have saved me lots of hassles. Thanks everyone.
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