Open Firmware? EFI? BIOS? Target mode?

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Somebody at the show needs to play with the new machines and figure this stuff out. Apple's site doesn't mention them ( at least nowhere that I can find)


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    EFI, with a custom apple loader, just like every other mac. Target Disk mode support, and booting from firewire. Confirmed with Apple rep that windows vista should run on it, not xp or 2000 because currently they don't support efi, but that could be patched later.
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    My questions are probably related as well...

    1) Will you be able to dual boot these puppies?

    i.e. Will I be able to put a partition for XP

    on the drive and boot from it?

    2) Are the sensor features handled exclusively

    thru firmware or are they part of the OS as well?


    A) the lighting for the keyboard

    B) the adjustment of the screen brightness

    Apple's site info seems to indicate that these two

    items are automatically adjusted via sensors that

    read the ambient light conditions.

    I know the OS would have to have the ability to

    ignore these sensors if the user prefers different

    settings, but if the OS doesn't set a preference

    are these items handled automatically via the hardware?


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    Originally posted by Ocriss33324

    My questions are probably related as well...

    1) Will you be able to dual boot these puppies?


    I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed on this. I only have two programs that I have to run in the Windows environment.

    If it can dual boot, then I can get rid of this piece of garbage Dell tower once and for all.
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    Sun and IBM were big supporters of Open Firmware (and both used a lot of non-Intel chips too of course).

    EFI will be interesting to watch. I cant wait to play with it!
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    Directly from Mac OS X Developer Documentation posted today at apple:

    "Intel-based Macintosh computers use extensible firmware interface (EFI). EFI provides a flexible and

    adaptable interface between Mac OS X and the platformfirmware. This change should be transparent

    to most developers, but may affect some, such as those who write boot drivers.

    For more information on the EFI specification, see"
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