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Does anyone else have trouble with MacWorld SF webcast? It opens in Quicktime, but without sound! I don't know what to do with that, I tried various controls and the Quicktime works with other stuff like, for example, movie trailers from Apple's pages. What's up?


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    eminemin Posts: 45member
    OK, more data and detail. I'm running 10.4.4 and QT 7.0.4 on a late model Alu PB 15". What I get when I try to see the webcast is just vision without the sound.

    The problem is interesting, because there is no sound in QT only in streaming and only if QT is running as a standalone application. So, none of the apple events works - I get only the vision - but all movie trailers work as QT is then embeded in the browser.

    I de-installed (via mv from /Library/QuickTime) two third party OGG codecs/components I had. I removed all the QT related configs from ~/Library/Preferences. Nothing.

    It's very frustrating, indeed... so any suggestion are most welcome.
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