PowerMac G4 (Dual 1.25Ghz) Shutting Down

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I've got a friend with a PowerMac and it keeps shutting down on him after 4-6 hours of use. After it shuts down if he reboots it, it will keep shutting down every so often. If he waits an hours or so with it off he can use it for another hour or two, but then it'll start shutting down again.

I think this sounds like an over heating issue, but I the temperatures didn't seem to be too hot. Although I think I was looking at the temperature from the HD's.

Any idea what could be going on or why it would be doing this? There isn't anything added to the inside so I don't really think that overheating is an issue, plus all the fans felt like they were working.

I reset all the xrams and all that good stuff. Ran standard maintenance things. The energy saver settings seemed fine/not on that would be causing this. The odd use is that it'll do this if he's rendering video or just letting it sit.
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