Logic Pro 8! When does it come out?? I need to know!

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Rumors? Speculation? I would love to see some inside information on Logic pop up on this website.

I made the mistake of upgrading to Logic 6 Pro from Logic 5 like two weeks before Logic Pro 7 came out and I got screwed. I could have upgraded to 7 for the same price had I known it was coming out. But I could not return 6 Pro because I opened the retail package so I was stuck.

I don't want that to happen again. But now I am afraid of not being able to upgrade to Logic Pro 8 from Logic Pro 6 so a part of me is considering buying 7 now. But man, I don't want to get the shaft again. I wish I knew what was happening!


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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,255member
    I've read no rumors but hopefully Apple will have a surprise at Winter NAMM on January 19th
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    Would that be a likely move for Apple?

    Didn't logic 7 come out in the fall?

    Do you think Apple would be more likely to cater to the music industry (NAMM) or with its own celebrated announcement?

    I would think there would be some juicy rumors going around about the new toys that should be included in the new version.
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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,255member

    Yup Sept of 2004 that means they've had almost 18 months to work on Logic 8 by the time NAMM hits. I'd be surprised if they didn't have an update.
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    The question that remains is whether or not they will allow the same consumer-friendly price upgrade to both users of Pro 7 and Pro 6. Again, I own 6 Pro. Would they make me pay the whole $999 price tag for it? My rear is not ripe for that kind of financial rape.
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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,255member
    I think your sphincter is safe. Normally they'll have a $300-399 upgrade.

    I think L8P will be a huge upgrade as well. Looking at Soundtrack Pro I'd guess that Logic will have all those features and more added.
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    God, I hope they radically redesign the interface. I have used ProTools, DP, and Logic, and Logic is way on the bottom of the UI category. But the underlying tech is amazing. The virtual instruments alone are worth the price for me. No electric piano simulation has come near as close as the EVP88. Ironically, Logic plugs are not Audio Unit plugs, so I can't use them in other apps. Wasn't that the point of Audio Units?

    But back to the interface. My biggest gripe is the whole environment crap. In every other major audio app, there is a no need to define your studio setup, it is created as you create tracks. Logic has this oddball way of defining a studio environment and then linking tracks to the environment. It is very easy to get mixed up in how this happens. Also, every time you select a window from the window pull down, it creates a new instance of that. For example, if I went to the mix window three times, there would be three mix windows open. This is just one example. God Apple, please get rid of the interface. I have no idea what to do, but make it as slick as Aperture.
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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,255member
    My personal feeling is Logic 8 Pro will indeed usher in a new UI. Steve Jobs looked at the Logic UI after acquiring Emagic and said something to the effect of "What is that??"

    I look at what they've done with Soundtrack Pro which is a different codebase and have to think that L8P will have this plus a revamped UI.
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    Winter NAMM! What happened? Any hint of logic 8 Pro??
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    7.2 Universal Binary Proof
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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,255member

    Yummy Logic Integration. Sexy looks

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    badtzbadtz Posts: 949member
    I just wish Apogee's price weren't so high, because ENSEMBLE looks SEXY!
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    Really don't know what to think about these small universal updates like 7.2 ... will they then have a big upgade for logic and final cut at NAB? The timeing is right for the upgrade.. Oh well.. I switched from Digital Performer.. then tried Logic but it was too big of a transition for me.. and now that protools as better midi implimentation I'm going to try and do creative work in protools (other than just mixing) Logic is the most UnApple software in their line.. out of all the choices to buy still don't know why they picked Emagic..
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    Out of all the major DAWs, Logic was the first one to be the most 'Apple', hands down. Its just that other companies have caught up to that title. Logic is still nice and all, but I wouldn't some minor hierachy changes. The issue is upsetting all the current logic users. You can't just make major changes to the workflow of dedicated supporters. We'll see . . .

    Also, what is NAB?

    So now that nothing was mentioned for winter NAMM, I am pretty sure Apple will make Logic 8 Pro its own announcement when it's ready. An additional concern of mine now is whether the next big Logic release will come out for both the PowerPC chips AND the new Intel Chips. Because I just bought the Dual 2.7 G5 tower not too long ago just for use with my DAW endeavors and I will be mighty pissed if I get screwed in this area. I might be jumping the gun on that presumption. Apple would have to release an edition for PowerPC chip users as well, wouldn't they? I am under the impression that a huge app like Logic Pro will not run 'universally' on PowerPC and Intel.
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    Originally posted by AppleComputer

    Out of all the major DAWs, Logic was the first one to be the most 'Apple', hands down.

    You're kidding right? Have you used all of the DAWs? MOTU by far has the most mac like interface, and always has. ProTools is even better than Logic as far as a Mac like experience IMHO. What about Logic is Apple-like? There are menus in the windows themselves, probably the most egregious example of non-mac like features. Not to mention the atrocious color scheme or confusing windowing scheme.

    This all a matter of opinion, but I have used all of these apps extensively, so think I have some basis to form an opinion.
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    Its true I havent used them all, but Ive seen all used and something just struck me when I first saw Logic used. Pro tools lite didn't inspire me when I used it; not like logic does. I suppose that is the mac-like quality that I personally relate to most.
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    How long ago was it when Apple acquired Logic and has it changed much since they bought it?

    I've been using BIAS Deck and PEAK for several years, but am now wondering about switching over...

    Does Logic have good voice changers? I primarily use my audio software to create listening materials for my students and I wish to alter my voice more than is possible in Garageband, which often comes out metalic (as does PEAK, whcih also often sounds like I am talking into a fan like little kids do).
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    Originally posted by AppleComputer

    Its true I havent used them all, but Ive seen all used and something just struck me when I first saw Logic used. Pro tools lite didn't inspire me when I used it; not like logic does. I suppose that is the mac-like quality that I personally relate to most.

    Don't get me wrong, the technology behind Logic is incredible. And there are some very cool things about it. I just don't like the UI. I have high hopes that Apple is going to refine the UI in future releases to something long time users and people like me can both use. I think Apple has spent a great deal time with the underneath code so far, getting it ready for the intel transition and evolving the code base into a structure that Apple prefers.
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    To all who ask why Apple picked Logic when they bought an audio company...

    I think the answer is complex and it goes way beyond UI. Apple knew how to do UI they didn't know how to do audio and midi at the OS level. Emagic probably represented the most economical purchase, high quantity of brain power and low quantity of bodies. Logic is a stunning interface it is just not a beginners interface. To know Logic is to know it a good fraction of it 400+ completely customizable key commands. All of which are assignable to not only keys on your computer keyboard, but keys on music keyboards. In fact Emagic, Logic's parent company, was so ahead of their time they had a spotlight style search engine built into their key commands editor window, back in 1995.

    In addition, Apple completely neglected audio in MacOS from the introduction of System 7 through MacOS X 10.1. Apple's midi system relied on Opcode, a long defunct company that made software called OMS. While OMS was cool, it was basically unchanged since Opcode started to go out of business in 1996. When Apple was looking for ideas on how to do midi for OS X, they must have looked at OMS and the "Environment" in Logic and realized that these guys really understand how to integrate midi into an application, because they hired both the OMS designer Doug Wyatt and bought Emagic. In addition to midi Emagic understood audio protocols, as they had written EASI which was a standard for developers of multi-input output audio hardware. Basically OMS morphed into CoreMidi and EASI morphed into CoreAudio. Emagic even had their own audio plugin sytem, they just hadn't openned it to outside developers, this must have become the basis of CoreAudio. Apple on the other hand had fallen WAY behind Microsoft who had integrated scalable multiplie midi and audio I/O, with Direct X, back in Windows 98. Sure Microsoft's stuff only worked half they time, but they set bar, and judging from the way they follow through, Apple had to follow, clearly the Emagic purchase made sense. In addition, while Logic's interface had a vertical learning curve, Emagic managed to make some of the best audio effect and instrument plugins of the only other companies that also knew audio and midi: Motu and Steinberg. Emagic understood branding by the time they got around to plugins and they gave their effects a recognizable, and cool looking common interface. Motu and Steinbergs hodge podge of effects were way more hit and miss. Emagic covered all of the basses. and while their plugins were not the most inspiring, they covered just about every type of effect and every parameter, and gave them consistent feel, which made them perfect for system integration. Finally emagic had a complete line of software instruments, including a full featured sampler, which became the engine of garageband instruments.

    So while Emagic was coming up with all of this stuff it is true they have neglected simplicity in their interface. Comparisons often come up to Ableton and Traktion. Howowever if you were Apple who would you buy, the company that comes up with a couple new UI designs on a 1.0 product, or Emagic, a company full of people that really get into system level technology.

    The choice is clear, as much as Apple hates to admit it UI is easy. With Logic, Apple has the whole package and they get a company that likes to wait for others to come out with some bleeding edges features and then, carefully assimilates the best aspects of those features while adding levels of refinement that make the features, no longer "bleading edge", but essential.

    I for one am very excited to see what Dr. Gerhard Lengeling, former Emagic CEO, now Apple's lead architect audio/music apps, come up with after studying Ableton Live for 4 years now. I'm sure they wanted to get around to "energizing" Logic, but I'm sure designing the CoreAudio and AudioUnit systems that Ableton Live relies on, as well as GarageBand, kind of got in the way.

    Sorry for the rant, but as some one who opens up Logic and just feels "at home", I felt I had to say something defending the product that I consider as essential as "oxygen". And trust me I've tried to switch, I get frustrated with parts of Logic, but on the whole no other program does it for me like Logic.
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    Great post. I agree, the UI is incredibly powerful, and agree it is not for beginners. You sound like a power user. I used to be that way with performer. I still just don't understand buying eMagic over MOTU.
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