USB to Airport base printing problem

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I have previously had my Brother HL-5140 connected to my Airport Extreme base which is connected to a router then to cable. I have set up printing in the past from my G5 running 10.4 without problems. I also have an ethernet connection from an iMac G5 and an airport connect to a G4 iMac. Up until recently they all would print to the brother. Suddenly the print list shows no printer. When I go to add there is no way to add the printer. My understranding is it is done thru bonjour but that isnt anywhere in any of the options. In the summary window of the configuration of the airport base, it is recognizing the printer. I even re-downoaded the drivers and reinstalled. Can anyone tell me where I am missing the boat here? I am sure itis something simple?(I hope)

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