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I have persuaded my mother in law to ditch her 8 year old PC running Win 95 on the basis that it is creaking at the seams, requires regular re-boots just to do anything, and its graphics chip is dying. It has been replaced with a Mac mini.

Her only real demand re the switch is for her old emails in Outlook express to be put onto the Mac so she can refer to them.

Can this be done, without firing up her PC and sending several hundred emails to herself, especially as I'm not convinced that her PC works anymore (well, it does, but as the graphics chip is dying it is virtually imposible to see anything on a screen). I've had a look around versiontracker, but can't find anything that converts. It's been years since i used Outlook and can't remember about any export options, and if there are, how compatible with Macs are they?



PS we know it's the screen as she dumped her old CRT screen and bought new flat screen, and the problem didn't go away.


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    Quick google search-- maybe helpful?
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    you appear to have directed me to another forum that I can register with to ask the same question. And the specific page you sent me to asks for mail to be exported to Entourage. Since she doesn't have Office that isn't an option.

    My google searches keep telling me how to backup outlook express (Mail is such a common word), rather than convert.


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    Sorry... I have only heard of this kind of "lateral" move to import using M$ stuff. Hope someone else can help you better...
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    On the other hand, I have entourage on my Mac. Does this mean if I copy the mail file from her PC (it's a .pst file, isn't it?) to my Mac, Entourage could open it?

    I could then import to my Mail. Create an export file, and import to her Mail on her mac?

    Or must my Mac's entourage require a PC entourage to import?

    I hope someone can follow this

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    Because you are asking, I assume that your mother in law uses POP in stead of SMTP so that mails get downloaded to her computer, with SMTP you wouldn't have such problems. Go and have a look at apple's switch pages , there are guite proper instructions how to do that switch. At least that move2mac software should make it happen.
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    sorry, I should have mentioned that her PC is in Ireland, and I'm in London. As such, the plan was to go there, copy any files I need, bring back to the UK, import to my Mac, and then export to a disk so I can go back to Ireland (we go there a lot) and put them back into her ne Mac mini.

    Move to Mac, if I've understood it right, only copies email settings, not the actual emails.


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    What about using Thunderbird as an intermediary? There are Windows and Mac versions, so if you can get the emails into Thunderbird on the PC, you should be able to get this done?

    I think Thunderbird is free, right, so maybe worth a try?
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    Okay there are also some info under iPod transfer about backing up those emails, but they don't seem to give any more better solutions. Seems that microsoft has again made something that doesn't really work.
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    Gotta' go now. Good luck. Don't know if this site is helpful...
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