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I have a lot of 2048x1536 images of people that I want to crop to a standardised shape (not bothered what ratio, but portrait) and then reduce to a specific image size. What's the best way to do this? I'm going to have to do it manually as some people are larger/smaller, more to the left/right etc. but I just want to constrain the ratio and then reduce to a smaller image size.

Any thoughts?


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    franckfranck Posts: 135member
    You should try GraphicConverter ( see <a href=""; target="_blank">versiontracker</a>), it's an excellent shareware. You can do lots of stuff, especially batch resizing, format conversion, etc.

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    mithrasmithras Posts: 165member
    Although it's generally not good for pro or prosumer work, good ol' iPhoto has such a spiffy crop tool, with such quick access to all your pictures, that I'd recommend it for this.

    Just import the folders full of your photos. Then, one at a time, double-click to edit, and drag-and-release to crop. You can then drag-and-drop the cropped photo to a folder on your desktop.
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    Another option is Photshop, you can set up an Action, and then either Batch process an entire folder of images from the File: Automate menu, or you bind the action to an FKey (like F1) and then run the script on each one after you crop to reduce the resolution, save in a specific folder, and close the window. I think the latter is more efficient, b/c you have to save and close after you crop anyway, but if its part of your Action macro, you just resize/save/close with one keystroke.
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