Migrating OS9 data to OSX?

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Is it posssible to move data (files, email, things like that) over to OSX from OS9 easily?

Say we have a brand new Mini, and we have an ancient teal iMac running OS9... will the migration assistant do what I need it to do? Or is it better to do things manually?


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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Migration Assistant requires at least Mac OS X 10.1 on the 'old' end, so that won't help you.

    I just did this for a family member, and it wasn't *too* bad. On the OS9 box, you need to find out if the apps you use let you export into more generalized forms... for instance, her Netscape Address Book was exported into a tab delimited file, and then imported into Address Book on the new machine. It required a lot of cleaning up (deletion of quote marks and such), but the data made it safely.

    A similar route was taken for her Netscape Communicator mail.

    Her MS Word documents all had to be opened in Word under OS X to let Word 'update' them to the new format, but after that, they were accessible from Word or TextEdit.
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