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Is it possible to pay for Apple's Backup Software? I know you can get it w/ a subscription to .Mac but i find that service a waste of money. You only get 1Gb of space to cover email, backups, etc. I have 10Gb of backup (pics, music, videos, etc) I know you can buy more space but i mean come on, thats a yearly fee. I took my $100 and bought a WD Passport 80Gb external drive and now I have about 80Gb of space that i can keep forever. Plus i already have an email acct w/ over twice as much space (2.6G) and it was free! (Gmail)

Bascially I just really liked the Backup Utility but don't want to pay $100 per yr because I don't think the rest of the service is worth the money. Is there Any way to purchase this program? If not i'll just have to go w/ a diff program but i thought it was worth the try.



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    Originally posted by CNUco2007

    Is it possible to pay for Apple's Backup Software?

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    well that sux. in that case, is there any specific backup software you guyz would recommend? I'm looking for something i can set up auto backups w/. thx for ur help.
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    I do not know any off the top of my head but there are so many other apps that can do the same stuff that apple's backup does. i wouldn't sweat it for the apple stuff. Just check out and look for some better stuff.
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    xoolxool Posts: 2,460member
    Um, why don't you go buy Retrospect or something.

    Also, Apple's Backup app can backup to DVD or an HD, so you're not limited to iDisk space.
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    thats true. I want their backup program to backup to my HDD. I've been thinking and i may just get the service because after reading up on it some more, i do like the idea up uploading a file to idisk and accessing it newhere i have a browser. Its just that those two features (backup software and idisk) are the only two features i would really use and i need to decide if they are worth $100 per yr... hmmm.

    I may just look into these other backup utilities and carry my 1Gb jump drive haha. thx for the help though
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    zozo Posts: 3,115member
    i started using Apple's Backup for auto backups... and WOW... it created an 11GB incremental backup file!!!! I'm SURE I didnt download or change that much data in a week!!!

    Whats the story with these incremntal updates??? 2 more and I'm out of space!!!

    Any reccomendations for a better auto update/backup solution?
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    telomartelomar Posts: 1,804member
    You can just tell it to do a full backup. Mind you if you want snapshots over time this isn't as helpful. I can't say incremental backups have been out of line with my changes though.

    I've long thought it stupid that Apple didn't include Backup with OS X or at least iLife.
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    cakecake Posts: 1,010member

    Originally posted by CNUco2007 there any specific backup software you guyz would recommend?


    I use Backup and .Mac, but a lot of people really like SuperDuper! as an alternative.
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    I'm now using Lacie SilverKeeper and so far i like it. I just told it was to backup, where to put it and when to do it. Now it will keep up to 2 backups (thats what i set it to) and i can also do incremental backups. Pretty good free program. I'm backing up about 8Gb right now, so thats not too bad.

    oh and btw, this new External hard drive i got (WD 80Gb Passport) is great. Seems pretty quick too.

    newayz thx for everyones help.
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    I loved Apple's backup utility when I was a .mac member (I couldn't justify paying so much for so little).

    I really feel that Apple should include backup as part of the OS with the .Mac integration being a bonus.

    I currently used iBackup, which is a fairly good replacement.
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