10.4.4 and firewall ports

in macOS edited January 2014
I just upgraded to 10.4.4 without any problems or so I thought. Although I have never had a reason to create a new port within my firewall settings I had a need to today..but I can't..I can click on "new" but nothing happens..can anyone else confirm this as working?

I am on a new G5 Quad but that should not be a deciding factor.

I haven't added any of the other updates yet( quicktime etc)



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    For me, clicking "New..." brings up the sheet for adding a new port. 10.4.4 on a 1GHz G4 AliBook (MacBook Pro Aliminium? ).

    Tried restarting/stopping the firewall and then adding the new port?
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    climberclimber Posts: 130member
    thanks Whyatt

    At least I know its my problem and not Apples
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    Just playing some more and I noticed that the port for

    " iPhoto Bonjour sharing"

    allows it to be changed to anything you want and when you do that OSX creates a new " iPhoto Bonjour sharing" port again..I guess this can be my work around instead of taking the chance and reinstalling 10.4.4
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